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Presented by Gympie Regional Council

The Pavillion Conference and Reception Centre Gympie

12- 13 March 2021

For this special edition, Gympie Regional Council with funding from the Queensland Government through the Department of Communities Disability Services and Seniors, invited us to discover Gympie’s dazzling dancing past, present and future. Dancing has always been a part of Australia’s cultural fabric from the country dances and sheep shed hoe downs, to the city ballrooms and lavish dance clubs. In fact, every human culture has a mechanism for coming together through dance, starting with the First Nations people of this land. In their heyday, attending dance nights was a vital form of community expression, an engine room for romance and a hot spot for community business.

The Gympie region was no exception!   By late in the 19th century the population swelled, at first by a gold rush, and later by the burgeoning forestry and farming industry nudging 60,000.  Served by myriad bands and over twenty of local halls, dancing was, for many folks, a weekly affair.  You could dance most nights of the week.  Families and friends would routinely take in the delights of the dances held at Widgee, Glastonbury, Mooloo and Langshaw. At Long Flat, Amamoor, Cedar Pocket and Mothar Mountain.


It was not just dancing that was on the evening’s agenda, supper was a point of pride for the various organising committees - discussion of the merits of the  Kandanga Ginger Fluff over the Pie Creek Upside Down Cake was willing.  And perhaps more importantly, as Bill Cousins told us, the weekly dance was the primary method of pitching woo. As his mum was teaching him to waltz their farm's kitchen she told him, “You’ll have to get yourself out there and find a girl, Bill.  Once you can waltz you should be right.”  He’s 88.  His life story is living proof of his mum’s excellent advice!

Rest assured that dance culture is very much alive and thriving in Gympie! We'd like to thank the local dancing stars of this show; Moonshine Cloggers, Cathy Tappers Zumba, Dance Dination, One Billion Rising Gympie, Dance Plus Physique, Long Flat Hall Social Dance Group.

“It was an incredibly produced show, wonderful celebration of community and obviously involved deep consultation. As a result of this, our family are going to join a dance group, we just felt it was excellent, our 10-year-old is still talking about his highlights a week later. Thank you to all involved from both within the community and beyond.”

Audience Member


Creative Producer:  Kate Baggerson

Producer: Aimee Gray

Director and MC:  Ian Pidd

Dance Captain:  Bec Reid

Performer/ Vocalist: Nadia Sunde

Bell Boy:  Kristian Santic


Lyn Cammack, Bill and Joyce, the whole committee at The Long Flat Hall, Cathy Tapper, Hinemana Johnson, Edith Sandy, Chrissy Bauld, Kath Sawrey, Luke Harriman, Rochelle Bull, Cindy Vogels, Gay Lohse, Gerry Crotty, the staff at Gympie Meals on Wheels.

Musical Director:  Tnee Dyer

Band: Ron Junggburt - Guitar, Glenn Hatchett - Bass,

Dee Bradbery - Drummer, Garry Buckley – Saxophone

Guest Vocalists: Jacqui Burns

Images by Leeroy Todd Photography

“Our senior clients loved attending this show and participating where they were able.  Many said it took them back to their youth when they attended local dances. Great entertainment and lovely inclusion of audience members.”

Renee Schumacher Moving Moments Coordinator - Immanuel Gardens Aged Care

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