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The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair is available to tour to your town, festival or venue. The project is designed to be created site specifically within each community in which it is presented.


The show is framed by an overarching performance structure that is then custom-made to include the stories and people of specific places.


Best Staged: in a large hall
Season: 4 nights, ticketed, 90min show with interval

Audience: ideally min 100 - 300 pax. The show appeals to all ages, including families. No dance experience necessary – this is a great night out for everyone!

Participants: 3years - 103 years! All inclusive, all abilities, all lovers of dance.

Feedback: 95% audience members rate the show as 5 Stars/ Excellent.


Bundanon Trust

Nowra School of Arts, NSW

23 - 24 November 2018

City of Whittlesea

Plenty Ranges Arts & Convention Centre, VIC

10 - 11 August 2018

Art Is... Festival

Horsham Town Hall, VIC

1 - 2 June 2018

Red Ridge
Blackall, Western QLD

15 September 2017

City of Boroondara

Hawthorn Arts Centre, VIC

20 – 21 July 2017

City of Darebin

Melbourne, VIC

11- 14 May 2016

Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford, QLD

27 Dec 2015 – 1 Jan 2016

APAM: Australian Performing Arts Market

February 2016


Bleach* Festival – Premiere season

Gold Coast, QLD

19 – 22 March 2015

There’s something quite magical about being in the presence of someone completely connected to the rhythms and movements of their body. The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair is a celebration of dance throughout the ages, a tribute not just to dance itself, but also to its social and cultural impact.

Charlotte Pordage



The ideal community residency time is 4 -6 weeks for 3 key artists + show week. This can be negotiated directly with presenters based on the scale of the work. The residency is best spilt over 2 periods. Throughout this time the professional artists engage a local cast, research local history, liaise with local artists, technicians, volunteers, businesses and community members to create this boutique performance. We generally are talking with presenters at least 12months in advance and are first visiting the community 6 - 9 months in advance of the show.




The production has the capacity to accommodate for a large community cast, ideally a minimum of 100 participants. We aim to engage an inter-generational cast and can facilitate participants of any age. The heart of participation is social dance and people with strong stories and connections to dancing. We are committed to diversity, inclusiveness and access in the creation of the show.



Touring personnel

Creative Producer/ Community Engagement: Kate Baggerson

Director/ Writer: Ian Pidd

Choreographer/ Dance Captain / Community Engagement: Bec Reid

Actors (2 pax) Kristian Santic + Nadia Sunde (QLD). Christian Bagin + Tamara Rewse (VIC)

Musical Director: Rafael Karlen (QLD/ NSW). Dan Witton (VIC)

Band: Per Presentation


Locally Engaged



The live band is a key part of the performance. We are looking for a fun, versatile band with horns and a strong rhythm section.


Option 1: Existing Professional band from your town that have strong repertoire that can be danced to (like a party band) and who can learn some sheet music and cues. We have used bands with profile on festival programs that help to sell tickets as well as unknown bands who are up for trying something new.


Option 2: We put together a band of keen local individuals. We have worked with university music students, community brass bands and local amateur bands. In this case we may tour in a drummer who has worked with us before.


Option 3; We bring a cracking 4 -5 piece band to you! We have bands in QLD and Victoria who have performed this show and can be quickly rehearsed into new seasons. They are excellent touring professional musicians that will ensure an awesome, quality night of music.

The Presenter is to provide the following venue staff required for rehearsal and show times:


1x Stage Manager

1 x ASM

1x LX operator

1x LX / Follow spot operator

1x Audio

1 x Venue Mech to assist with Bump in of set


The Presenter will provide all FOH and ticketing staff.


A community liaison or festival producer provided by the presenter is required to connect the Company Producer with local community groups and stakeholders for the community residency period.



The work is ideally held in a large hall style venue that can be transformed through design and décor into a highly stylised and lavish affair, inviting audiences into another world. The venue requires a stage space as well as a large floor space where the dance and performance takes place. The Venue should also be able to facilitate supper, a bar and all Front of House requirements.


The presenter is required to provide all sound and lighting requirements however as the work is site-specific, much of the technical and production info is tailored to the scale and scope of each presentation.





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