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Presented by Bundanon Trust

Nowra School of Arts, NSW

23 - 24 November 2018

For this special season The Bundanon Trust invited us as part of their Bundanon Local program, to discover Nowra’s dazzling dancing past, present and future. The South Coast Region has a rich dancing community which we were delighted to collaborate with. Historical records from 1902 describe “dancing with zest until the small hours of the morning” and records relating to the 1934 Double premiership ball of the Nowra Warriors Football Club describe the dance as a “galaxy of beautifully dressed ladies and gentlemen with youthful visage.” Sounds dreamy right?!


Love stories, ball stories, hall stories, this region has it all and the dance culture is very much alive and thriving. Every week dozens of locals are dancing through their life for fun, connection, vitality and cultural practices, maintaining traditions past and making new traditions for the future. The show stared many of these local treasures from Rock and Roll to line dancing, Scottish dancing to a cheeky waltz, to the future stars with young jazz and tappers this show plus many more. 

" Bundanon Trust was impressed with the whole IADA experience. The artistic team immersed themselves in the community. They took part in dance classes and spent time speaking with locals, collecting personal anecdotes and researching the history of dance in the region. These details were beautifully woven into the performance.  All aspects of the production were meticulously planned, and the evening rolled out with ease.  The luscious production elements – music, design, lights, effects, costuming – transformed the hall and we were transported back in time. The team’s genuine excitement was infectious, and they skilfully drew everyone into the experience. 


IADA was a fantastic intergenerational project and we discovered just how important dance is and always has been in our community. The project brought lovers of dance, of all ages, together and made for a joyous experience, highlighting the powerful sense of community made possible through a shared experience, exquisitely delivered by the team. All aspects of the project were thoroughly considered and clearly communicated - marketing, technical, conceptual – making for a successful and pleasurable partnership."

Regina Heilmann, Community Engagment Manager, Bundanon Trust

Images by Heidrun Lohr Courtesy of Bundanon Trust
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